Monday, 3 November 2014

AW14 Combines Winter With Autumn For Latest Looks

Well the summer season has gone and the influx of new trends, styles and looks on the hangers is changing but for some reason it seems that there is a larger focus on the winter element of the phrase Autumn Winter collection this year, potentially it could be due to the fact that weather forecasts show that we could be in for a cold one this time around?

As knitwear once again graces the shelves, winter accessories are also following suit into the earlier seasonal collection, albeit as part of a style finish but still, they are more predominant than they have been for previous years. A telling sign of things to come?

A look at some of the top online retailers seems to show the same pattern of new items hitting their racks, with a collection of knitwear being combined with knitted hats, gloves and scarves, something that we are more used to seeing falling into the chunkier winter collection as the temperature begins to drop.

Although we mentioned that winter accessories are more likely to be seen in stores, that doesn't mean that retailers are keeping the options limited, with stores such as ASOS with items like this:

There are some great deals that I have seen about too that could come in handy, especially with ASOS as it seems that they always have ASOS discount code offers about when you check out money saving sites such as and their rivals.

But don't get stuck thinking that ASOS are the only ones that are offering items like these in the sale at the moment, and others are also following suit, looking to cash in on the winter accessory trend before the colder weather hits, which will more than likely mean that the prices will increase with the demand.

Act fast guys, before you get stuck holding the bill!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Floral Design Is In For The Summer

Well with this being the first post of my new blog I thought that I should start out with a little look at some of the summer trends that are hitting the shelves so that you can make sure that you are on the crest of the latest fashion as the sun promises to show its face, although you could be forgiven for thinking that time isn’t coming!

One of the biggest trends at the moment seems to be the inclusion of floral design, giving a complete summer look while each item that we have picked out allows you to either wear them as part of a mix and match finishing product or we even have some ideas that give you the flower power to stun your friends for all of the right reasons.

As ASOS is one of the most commonly used online fashion stores that my friends and I use at the minute, I thought that I should take a look at what they have on offer and see what I can do to help you even save on the cost of looking great.

Just think about some of these for the next festival that you are heading to:

All three of the items shown above are taken from and can be combined with some fantastic items that can help you glam up your style a little if you feel that you could be missing something with a little more focus, such as:

It looks like ASOS have loads of cute items that can finish off even the least overpowering choice of festival attire and even have their own festival season category that is perfect for those summer meet ups that you might have coming up.

I know that it can be a little hard to resist adding some of these to your basket just yet but as a parting gift for my first whats hot post, I thought that I would share some ASOS discount codes from a site that I came across over the bank holiday and I managed to save 20% off my order.

Let me know what you pick out ladies!


Welcome to Fashion Retriever

Welcome to my blog, the outlet that I will be making use of in order to share the latest fashions, trends and fashion no-no’s that I have seen both with the celebrities and what I have seen been advertised online at some of the fashion retailers that we all love.

I will look to share my thoughts, wants, likes and so much more as I get the time to highlight some of the must have trends that are ready to hit the shelves while helping you rule out that looks that are simply not going to help you look as good as the brands make out BEFORE you buy them!

I’m not a fashionista as many seem to know me as at university but I know what I like and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the things that I find along the way, so don’t worry I won’t bite if you feel that I have overlooked something that completes the look that you are after.

I love shopping and that spans across almost everything that I buy, so I will be picking up a few items along the way with a view to share them with you as well as trying to help you save money while getting that summer look as the sun threatens to shine over the UK in the coming months.